Sunday, May 15, 2016

All in a Mother's Day

Mother's Day....

For many of us who have lost their mothers, lost a pregnancy, experienced mothering regrets/inadequacies, or had less than ideal Mother's Days in the past, this can be a tough day of the year. It's all of the above for me, and though I'm usually a cheerful mama, I found myself getting a little depressed and anxious as the day approached.

And then I went and had a marvelous day anyway.

The plan was for my youngest five kids (ages 10-19) to make breakfast for me, and then my five adult daughters would take me out to lunch. 

However, my ten year old, Melody, got up way before everyone and brought me a scrumptious homemade breakfast in bed: pancakes, eggs, and sliced strawberries. It's just as well since some of the others were up late babysitting or had to leave for work early.

She also gave me some of her recent art work! So pretty and cute!

I enjoyed sitting in church with several of my children. My fourth daughter, Joanna, who usually goes to another church, showed up with a beautiful surprise - an engagement ring! 

Her fiance David, an engineer who lives on the east coast of Florida, is a kind and loving man. They're getting married next May, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

After church, Jo and I met the rest of the girls at Briarpatch, a restaurant on Park Avenue in Winter Park where they also took me for my 50th birthday. She got to show off the gorgeous ring to her other sisters at our outdoor cafe table. I gave Mary and Julia their Mother's Day presents, and then opened ones they all gave me: a gift card to a pottery painting shop (yes!), lotion, and a mug.

Mary and Joanna

We all love to laugh. Such sweet girls, and they all adore each other and help each other out.

Rachel and Lydia

Rachel, Lydia, Mary, me, Joanna, and Julia

Spinach, goat cheese, and bacon omelet
with cottage fries and an herbed biscuit

Mary is a mother of four
and a part-time PR writer
Julia is a mother of two
and a part-time receptionist

Rachel is a PCU nurse at Florida Hospital

Joanna is a bride-to-be,
a full time grad student majoring in family therapy,
a part-time assistant in a research library,
and a very-part-time Disney photographer

Lydia is a ceramics major at UF
and works at two local restaurants this summer

My necklace is a watch locket inscribed with the initials OEW. It belonged to my mother's mother's mother, Olive Elizabeth Wrislar, over a hundred years ago, so I thought it was the most fitting thing to wear for Mother's Day!

And here we all are! Yeah, I'm the matronly one in the middle.

Julia had to leave near the end of lunch since her baby girl needed her. The rest of us decided to window shop since it's the ritzy area of town! I am not really a clothes person, so I was bored for the few minutes we looked in the first shop. But I perked up at the next one. I like witty chalkboards. 

I peeked in the store, a funky boutique, and told my daughters, "I'm not going in for their clothes. I'm going for the word art!" I love inspirational sayings. This is bliss.

The store is Forema. It's my new happy place on Park Avenue, along with Ten Thousand Villages. 

Um, we stayed well over an hour, and it's a pretty small store. There was just so much to like! And most of us bought at least one thing. 

Joanna offered to get me one of the word art pieces as an extra Mother's Day present. I chose a HAPPY sign. Of course.


The design elements in the store are astounding. Lots of vintage, funky, happy, and pretty all rolled into one. These belts are displayed on a vintage suitcase with an antique book tucked into the pocket.

The other cool thing is that Lydia started chatting with the clerk (the one in the hat behind the counter) and the clerk's boyfriend (the guy at the right), and found they had a lot in common with their tastes in art and music. All of the employees were so friendly and helpful.

Such an elegant updo!

After we left Forema, we peeked in the windows at the bridal dress shop across the street. Way out of our budget, but it's fun to look!

What a lovely afternoon with my girls!

I got home and took a nap for a little while, and then it was time for my four teens to go to youth group. While we waited for them, Melody and I went to Subway and shared a foot long for dinner.

What a lovely end to my Mother's Day 2016!

And now...

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  1. Congrats to the newly engaged. :)
    I must have not greeted you on Mother's Day so I'm doing it now. Happy Mother's Day!


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