Saturday, August 20, 2016

Look Closer: Red Bug Lake Park Through My Lens

~~ Look closer: crepe myrtle with dew ~~

It started with the moon - or rather with the teen who missed the bus, and our sleepy trip to the school.

I am driving home, waking to the world.

And then the moon.

Pale against the morning sky, floating over the poles and wires of the world.

I see the moon, and the moon sees me.
God bless the moon, and God bless me.

I cannot resist. 

And so I spend the next hour in Red Bug Lake Park.

First with the moon.

Then the sun playing with the trees.

Air ferns, magnolias, tree trunks. Always take the closer look.

Look closer again. I do love tree trunks.

The sun is over the trees, but look closer. Is that the moon on the water, a small white dot near the dock? Or not?

Tiny leaves, floating...

And a lily in the midst...

A dragon fly perched on the arch of a leaf nearby...

And what is this? Tree friends, cypress and palm, nestled together at water's edge.

Fronds dry and brown...

Another tree, light and shadow...

Look closer again, new life springing from an old wound. 

What secrets do these trees hold, draped in Spanish moss?

A hole in the trunk...

Look closer again, inside the darkened hole, a delicate spider's web.

A rotted stump...

Look closer again: on the other side, sustaining green life. 

The lizard, the crow, each sees a different view...

What do you see here? Looks like camouflage.

Really, I do mean camouflage. That is not a twig or a loose flap of bark, but a bug there. I would not have known, but it twitched.

The dewy grass...

Look closer again: a dewy spider's web in the dewy grass. I kneel down, propped low on my elbows to steady my hands for this shot. A dewy mama on a dewy morning.

Mushrooms of all shapes, sizes, colors... These are just a few.

 True, this?

What do you see?

Look closer again. Same photo, closer view.

Even the ant casts a shadow if you have eyes to see.

For grace and wonder,


(These photos were shot with an iPhone 6 and edited with Picasa.)

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