Thursday, August 4, 2016

Maryland Home and Garden

Hello friends!

Welcome to my Maryland home and garden! No, I don't live in Maryland anymore, and I never lived in this home with my parents, but it's still "my" Maryland home when we go visit!

The kids and I got back to our Florida home from our road trip two weeks ago, and I'm just now getting around to finishing up my photo posts. 

I took this picture the evening we arrived, with the last light filtering through the blinds.

This lamp reminds me of this picture, which is of my sweet mother before she passed away three years ago. I have wished so many times that she could be right here in this living room with us again. We miss her so much.

There are touches of her all around the home. The basement workshop still has all of her stained glass materials. Next time, I'll bring some home.

Dad later remarried, and this is his lovely wife Anny, who welcomes us with open arms.

Anny feeds the deer every day. This one is Olivia. Sometimes she brings her fawns.

The backyard vegetable garden, which belonged to my Grandpa Hess when he and my Grandma lived with my parents, is now gone, fence down, and grown over with bushes. To everything a season. I still took time to stroll around and enjoy the flowers and trees.

The trees! My goodness, the tall trees! Do you see my daughter looking so tiny there? And the house in the background?

Mom's stained glass graced the garden paths, too.


As I was going through the boxes in the basement, I found hymnals that I brought home to add to my collection, as well as a box of fabric remnants and unfinished projects. I brought home some of the fabric.  Tucked in the same box, I found these needlepoint pieces, one of them unfinished with the needle still in it. They were created by my Grandma Driggs, who also lived with my parents for many years. She was so talented! These are going to my dad's sister, my Aunt Camille.

My nephew celebrated his 25th birthday while we were there. The kids all went and did laser tage to celebrate, and then we had a spaghetti dinner.

We always play cards when we visit! This time it was Apples to Apples. My son and niece look so serious. They must be deep in thought about the game.

My dad can fix just about anything, including my daughter's watchband. After we went home, he started a new full time computer job. He's turning eighty next month. Nothing stops him for long.

Anny loves to knit and has made adorable tiny clothes for my two baby granddaughters.

Anny's parents were German, but she was born and raised in Bolivia and watches Spanish TV. She was translating for me when we were watching news reports about the Congress of Spain pausing to remember the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice, France.

I was also very blessed to spend a lot of time with my sister Barb. She just got a new Kindle Fire, and my youngest daughter, who just got her own before our road trip, helped her set it up. My sister is disabled with migraines, so I took a few hours to organize her kitchen. This is serious fun for me. (Oh, that reminds me, my own kitchen needs a massive intervention at the moment...)

My cousin Mary drove down from Baltimore for an evening. She looks AMAZING! Beautiful inside and out!

We all enjoyed pizza and two rounds of Scotch Bridge, our traditional family card game. I can't believe that as a member of the Hess clan, she didn't already know how to play. We taught her. She won both games. Sheesh. Some people.

I loved being with my family on this trip! 

Next up in this road trip series, Brookside Gardens and Savage Mill, then our trip home!  And here are the earlier posts:

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