Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cunningham Falls in Maryland

Cunningham Falls, a 78 foot high cascading waterfall,
the longest in Maryland
I'm slowly getting around to photo blogging our road trip. We've been back for almost a week.

Two weeks ago I took the kids to Cunningham Falls State Park in Thurmont, Maryland, about an hour's drive from my dad's house. I had thought of going to a different state park closer in, but the kids remembered Cunningham Falls from our trip in 2013 and asked to go back there instead. Fair enough!  This time, however, we did not first hike through Catoctin Mountain National Park. That made the day much more doable.

There was, however, a shorter hike from the parking lot to the falls. 

Finally at the base of the falls...

We could climb the boulders at the base of the falls, or climb a steep hill a little off to the side to get part way up. The girls chose the hill.

The rest of the way, we climbed the boulders along the falls.

The last time we came, my youngest daughter (then 7) didn't climb the falls. This time, at age 10, she did! I'm so proud of her courage and perseverance! 

She made it almost to the very tippy top, but these last boulders were just too big to scale.

I, however, made it up to the top! It took a lot of effort and balance, no small feat for a mama with permanent joint problems. I was definitely in some pain, but I managed to do it with slow and steady movement, thinking carefully where to step and hold. I'm glad I did! I am working hard to regain my strength after last year's car accident.

I loved this hole. The water swirled down the rock right into it, and then it came out again through another hole below. Cool!

This huge boulder was the favorite perch for photos.

She's joking, I promise. The picture's tilted.

After hiking the waterfalls, I asked who wanted to swim in Lake Cunningham. Only two of them did, and just for a short time.

To end the adventure, we went to Cow Appreciation Day at the Chick Fil A in Frederick, Maryland.

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