Monday, July 15, 2013

Cunningham Falls State Park (Traveling North)

Cunningham Falls State Park

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This post is a continuation of Hiking at Catoctin Mountain Park.  Our hike started in the national park, but then when the trail crosses the road, you're in Maryland's Cunningham Falls State Park.  We had already hiked for 1.2 miles over moderate (read: strenuous) terrain.  Here, the trail turns into a boardwalk suitable for wheel chairs, and there is a parking lot for those who want to do just the very short walk.

A little creek along the way...

The boardwalk trail ends at 
a viewing station as you can see below.

You can't see very well from there,
in my opinion.


Though the viewing station is elevated,
we managed to get down 
(thanks for some young men who boosted me)
and walk around more.

Climbing is "not advisable" according to the signs,
but it is not forbidden.  Lots of people up there!

Can you guess where we went?
Up! Yup! 

(All except my youngest, 
who stayed down with my niece.)

They will remember this forever.

Quite the climbing adventure
for this old lady.
Did I mention 
that the falls are 78 feet high?


Oh yes, quite the accomplishment for me.  Definitely a confidence booster.

One kink in the day: There were two trails leading to the falls, and the other one was easier to climb back on.  We thought both lead back to the same parking lot, but they didn't.  We had to back track a lot to get to our original trail.  Long day.  Complete exhaustion.  Well worth it.  So many memories.  LOTS OF FUN!

Grace and wonder,

Virginia Knowles

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