Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Celebrations of Birthdays and Recovering (Traveling North)

Celebrations of Birthdays and Recovering  

Friday, July 5, 2013

My mom had back surgery five weeks ago.  It's been a very challenging roller coaster ride since then since she has had some major complications, including a MERSA infection on the steel rod in her spine.  She hasn't been home yet, bouncing back and forth between hospitals and rehab facilities several times.  Today, she was transferred back to the hospital.  We don't know yet when she will return to rehab and eventually to home.

Last Friday at the lovely Encore rehab facility, we celebrated her partial recovery -- the ability to sit up in a wheelchair! -- and my son's and my nephew's birthdays.

This is the first time she had seen her mother in a month, since Grandma lives in a nearby nursing home and doesn't get out much due to her memory problems.  Look at those smiles!

"Congratulations, Graduate of the Hospital" 

My sister Barb has been amazing.
Despite her own chronic migraines,
she has been at the hospital
day and night caring for my mom
with not many breaks.
She is my hero.

Sure, we've done a lot of fun things on vacation, like swimming in a river, exploring Luray Caverns, going to museums and watching fireworks in D.C., having water balloon fights in the backyard, going to the National Zoo, etc.  But the most precious time of all is spent with my mother and grandmother, trying to cheer them up and take care of their basic needs.  We'll miss them when we leave for Florida on Friday.

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  1. The first picture of your mother and grandmother brought tears to my eyes. You are surely blessed to still have those two women in your life. I am praying for a speedy recovery for your mother! (linked over from Raising Homemakers)

  2. Thanks for sharing your travels and pictures over at WholeHearted Home this week.


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