Monday, July 15, 2013

Sarah P. Duke Gardens in North Carolina

Sarah P. Duke Gardens in North Carolina

Saturday, July 13, 2013

On Friday, we loaded the mini-van and left for home in Florida.  Our first stop, not counting all of the zero MPG traffic jams on I-95, was another visit to my second cousin Jean's house in Chapel Hill.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time there, and on Saturday, decided to drive over to Durham and see the Sarah P. Duke Gardens on our way out of town.

Before we arrived at the gardens, we drove a little bit on the campus of Duke University.  The chapel is beautiful.  I wish we'd been able to find a good parking space to walk around and get better photos, but we were running short on time.

Once at the gardens, I immediately noticed these spectacular pink hibiscus blooms.

The one in the photo above might not look large, but let's see it compared to my cousin Jean.

Lots of lilies of all shapes and colors...

Same water lily as at the top of this post

Carnivorous plants...

Jean comes from a family of bee keepers
so I was glad to see these hives...

Of course, the bees are busy pollinating all of the lovely flowers,
including this purple thistle.

We only visited a tiny fraction of the park because of the rain and our limited time, but I did want to get a picture of the water lily pond.  I wish I could have gotten a better shot of the big platter shaped leaves floating at the back of this picture.

I always enjoy time with cousin Jean.  Add a stroll among beautiful flowers, and we're in for a wonderful time!

There are more of the pink zinnia and butterfly photos in this inspirational post: You Have Loved Us First.  You can find botanical photos from Jean's neighborhood here: Before the Throne of God Above (Strength in Hymn).  

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Grace and beauty,
Virginia Knowles


  1. Such a lovely variety of beauty! I never stop being amazed by creation. That first macro is just wonderful.

  2. What wonderful pictures. If I need pictures to paint I will be sure to ask you. I am following you from Whole Hearted Wednesday.

  3. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing these with us all. I visited from A Wise Woman this morning :)


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