Tuesday, July 2, 2013

National Zoo (Traveling North)

National Zoo
June 29, 2013

My youngest daughter is the only one who wanted to go to the National Zoo.  The others chose to visit the National Air & Space Museum -- the branch in northern Virginia rather than the one in D.C.  Their cousin drove our van there, while my sister-in-law and I drove downtown to the zoo.  We left a little late and had a horrible time finding parking, which costs $22 for the day or $16 for three hours.  Zoo admission is free, since it is part of the Smithsonian.  However, they do charge for a lot of things in the zoo, including $2 for a paper map.  Food is also pretty expensive, although you can find hot dogs for $3.50.

$3 for carousel

Nice surprise -- bumping into friends from Orlando

Orange float

Mist machine with Aunt Dana

My kids called and said that smoke was coming from
the wheel well of the van on their way home.
We had it towed, but the mechanic says nothing is wrong with it.
Maybe they ran over some tire tread?

Despite the van trouble, it was still a good day!

Virginia Knowles

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