Sunday, July 24, 2016

Montpelier Mansion in Maryland

Earlier this month, I set out with four of my kids on a 15 day, 2500 mile road trip to Maryland and New Jersey. So this is the start of my photo series of the more picturesque moments! (I'm sparing you the "teen selfies in van" in this post. Maybe later.)

Montpelier Mansion is located on 70 acres in Laurel, Maryland. It is what remains of a 9,000 acre plantation established by the Snowden family in the 1780's. My father has often mentioned it as an interesting place to visit, so I asked him to take me and my youngest daughter Melody on a Sunday afternoon. We love historical architecture and gardens!


Stay tuned! More to come! I've got pics of Cunningham Falls, the Jersey shore, Brookside Gardens, Savage Mill, and around our family home and garden.

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