Sunday, August 7, 2016

Savage Mill Antiques and Art in Maryland

On our last full day in Maryland on our road trip, my sister and I and some of our daughters visited Brookside Gardens in the morning.

In the afternoon, my dad took me to Savage Mill, which calls itself a "mall" but it's actually a very old mill that has been renovated into upscale antique and artsy shopping space. My dad has often mentioned it. He and I are the only antique store lovers in the family, so it seemed like a great place to spend time with just him before the kids and I returned to Florida.


The Queen's Ink is an art supply store specializing in stamping. I was drawn to this sign immediately. I totally agree.

The Antique Center

I wandered around for an hour at The Antique Center, silently strolling the aisles, sometimes with my dad, sometimes by myself as he stopped to inspect something interesting to him, like military items or the historical book section. In a vintage store, my aim is to look and enjoy the pretty things rather than to acquire. I will occasionally buy something small enough to fit my home and my budget.

I couldn't figure out why this tea cup and saucer were marked for only $4.50. So pretty, so I bought them. I figured out later that it's because they don't match. Close enough for me. I'm enjoying it on my bedroom shelf.

I collected Madame Alexander dolls when I was young. When I was a teenager, my aunt offered me $10 for each one so she could buy them for her daughters. I sold them to her. Now they are worth several times that much. Oh well. I'm sure they enjoyed them!


Savage Mill was closing soon and I thought we were ready to leave when my Dad showed me another building with more shops. I'm glad I spotted ArtCraft, because I spent nearly all of my remaining time there. Oh my heavens. Pretty pretty pretty. I wish I could have bought out half of the furniture and accent items in their store.

Painted and woodburned pieces... 


Inspirational signs

Intricately carved wood

I spotted the little dragonfly pill box near the cash register and knew I wanted to buy it for my sister. She loves dragonflies. 

Then Dad and I drove back to the house. This is definitely Maryland and not Florida. Beautiful trees!

My sister loves her pill box!

And I enjoyed our trip! I was only too sorry to see it end. 

Next up, the long road home!

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