Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Basilique de Sacré-Cœur in Paris (Europe #22)

Our last day in Paris... Way too short!

I couldn't leave Paris without a visit to Basilique de Sacré-Cœur (Sacred Heart Basilica) in the Montmartre area. First, as you know, I love cathedrals. Second, I could see it when I walked out of my hotel. In fact, I had picked Hotel du Square d'Anvers partly because it was so close.

I haven't said much yet about our Paris hotel. It was quite old. It was affordable. It faced a park. It was close to public transportation.

The elevator was teeny tiny, barely enough room for one person with luggage. I felt claustrophobic in it. But I used it because we were on the fifth floor, and otherwise...

Stairs. Five flights of stairs. No thanks. Not with a suitcase and a backpack and a CPAP machine.

Joanna wanted to sleep a little more before we left for Versailles, so I decided to tuck in a short visit to the cathedral by myself. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to tour Montmartre, which is quite artsy.

I've just stepped out of the hotel, and there is  Sacré-Cœur peaking over the rooftops.

The view is beautiful. It's Paris.

"For over 125 years, here, night and day, someone is praying to the Lord."

Step inside! Magnifique!

A visit to the gift shop for souvenirs...

Outside again, I see another very old building, Eglise Abbatiale et Paroissiale, which means Abby and Parish Church. I wish I'd had time to go inside.

Joanna met me about halfway down.

We found a restaurant for a quick brunch, and then we were off on our last Paris adventure, Versailles!

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