Friday, July 18, 2008

Grocery savings: Share your tips!

Hello friends!

I know that rising grocery bills have been a common concern for many of you recently. This post is a place for you to share your best tips on saving money on food and other items. Just hit the comment button below and type away! I'll try to post some of my own tips later, but I'm in a hurry right now.


(Note on July 23: So far four ladies added their tips, which you can see by clicking here or on the "comment" link below. I have also posted my own article here: Saving Money on Groceries.)


  1. The best way I've ever found to save on groceries I learned from my mom and rarely see mentioned anywhere. Shop what's on sale! Once the sale papers come out, see what you can make that uses the sale ingredients for that week and, if you need to stock up on any of those items, do it then. I supplement with items from Costco when I know they're less expensive. This is much better than the plan-your-meals-and-buy-only-what-you-need strategy.

  2. I do several things to save money on groceries. I cut out and file coupons and ALWAYS take them with me to the grocery store or any store that sells food. I read the sale ads and stock up on all sale items I use, if the sale price is good, hopefully also with a coupon on the item. is a great site. I bake bread from scratch with a breadmaker. I save off all broth and freeze it as one of my children can not have commercial broth. We are growing a vegtable garden; as well as herbs that I will dry or freeze and use all year. I buy milk, cheese, eggs and frozen blueberries at BJ's. I request any free samples I can at couponmom. I examine the day old shelves at the stores. If I'm at the grocery store on Monday, the day they put reduced stickers on the meat, I look for bargains.We do not eat out. I keep coupons for the rare time we may eat out.I cook from scratch. I've used the fat from broth instead of butter in dishes. If I buy a large pack of hamburger, I'll divide it up and freeze the extra. I save the bones from chicken carcasses and freeze them. I'll make turkey frame soup with them.(Better Homes and Gardens)Hope this helps.

  3. Like Char said, I make most everything from scratch; for example, rather than buying cereal, we eat home-made granola or oatmeal for breakfast. We also don't buy much snack or convenience food. Another great tip we just started doing this summer: We often buy in bulk, but one of the things I found is that when there is a lot of food in plain sight, it goes quickly! So, now I put just a little at a time in the cupboard/pantry/fridge. Other things stay in bags on the utility room shelf or in the outside fridge. If there is not much food in sight, everyone is more inclined to make it last longer. (Shh--don't tell:)

    Dana Wilson
    Epi Kardia Home Education

  4. Hi Virginia!
    I regularly save about 50 percent at Publix and about 75-90 percent at CVS! At Publix, I match coupons on the B1G1F sales. If two boxes of cereal are 2.99 (one is free) and you use 2 75-cent coupons (at Publix, you can use a coupon on the free item) then you pay 1.49 for two boxes of cereal.
    At CVS, their ECB program is what helps to get our health and beauty items nearly free!
    Go to and study the message boards for Publix and CVS. In no time, you will be saving as much as me!
    Love you, dear!

  5. I like SACKS for saving grocery dollars. It is a grocery liquidation place. Big as Publix. Some things have slightly damaged labels. Some things are close to expiration date, etc. Majority are fine and wonderful. Prices are generally half or better on average. (SOMETIMES though prices aren't cheaper! I know my prices to not get ripped off...)
    Often has a good selection of "health food" stuff that otherwise I have to buy for double or triple the price at a health food store. Has large frozen food section too.TONS of all kinds of breakfast cereals, teas, granola type bars, canned goods, pastas, ETC ETC ETC
    You never know what you will find each week. Located on corner of Edgewater Dr and Forest City Rd, in Orlando FL area. (Forest City Rd is also called 434). Just a few miles west of College Park, as you travel west on Edgewater from College park. Modest environment, low overhead keeps prices low. Next door to Community Thrift and a dollar Store..

  6. SACKS on corner of Edgewater Drive and Forest City Rd/434 is a great money saving grocery store. Liquidation of slighlty damaged labels on some items, etc.
    Locasted a few miles west from College Park area of Orlando FL, on Edgewater Drive.


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