Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Micah's 9th Birthday Party

Today, my son Micah celebrated his 9th birthday with a party at Maitland Park. This is the first birthday party he has ever had, and it truly could not have gone better. The weather was absolutely beautiful, not a cloud in the sky despite a forecast of thunderstorms. We had plenty of food: hamburgers, hotdogs, lots of chips (the sweet spicy chili Doritos were a big hit!), drinks (including red and blue Powerade to go with our patriotic decor), and cakes that Micah and I had decorated. All of the invited guests were able to come and are extremely pleasant and well-behaved. Micah loved all of his presents. We had just enough activities, including the play ground, a table full of Legos, some whizzy rocket balloons, a pinata, lunch, cake, and presents. We kept it simple, and it paid off.

Thad did a great job of cooking the meats ahead of time. He's an awesome guy, always finding ways to serve our family and make our days easier and more productive. I'm so thankful that I married him. At lunch time just before he asked the blessing on our food, Thad shared with all the kids why we chose Micah as a name. Our older children had just finished singing in the "Prophet Speak" musical at Northland Church, and one of the pieces was the "Song of Micah." The words of the chorus were taken from Micah 6:8 in the Bible: "He has shown thee, O man, what is good, and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God?" Good stuff! I have always loved those verses and I hope that I live by them at least a little bit. Anyway, back to Micah: I was actually in labor with him before Thad suggested this name (we hadn't yet found one that was just right), and it sounded like a great pick to the rest of us! And it still fits! (When he was a little tot, I called him my "happy chappy" because he was always smiling and laughing -- and he's still a pretty cheerful kid!)

I won't write much more than this, because a picture is worth a thousand words!

I was trying to find a red, white, and blue T-shirt to wear, but lacking that, I settled on my tie dye one -- it reminds me of fireworks!

(There weren't any candles, but he blew anyway!)

Before we burst the pinata, we took pictures of all the guys underneath it. Here are the ones of Thad, Micah and Andrew.

I hope you enjoyed my photo blog of Micah's birthday!


  1. Oh, how much fun! Happy Birthday Micah!

  2. Happy Birthday Micah!!! Looks like a blast! That Thad is one amazing hubby! Miss you guys!!!


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