Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Dear friends,

I've written before about how much of a picky eater little Melody is. She loves juice, bread, cereal, meats and cheeses, but she has always squealed and sealed her lips tightly against fresh fruits and veggies. We decided last week that since she's almost three (a month from tomorrow), it's high time to change that.

Our "battlefield" was fresh broccoli since I had just bought a big bag of florets at Sam's Club. I took one floret and picked off three little pieces, each about the size of a marble. We sat down at the table, plunked the plate down, and an hour later, after much kicking and screaming (that is an understatement, and yes, she was the one doing the kicking and screaming, not me!), she finally managed to choke them down.

We figured we 'd better follow up on this the next day to start a continual habit. She yelled, "I NEED Micah!" I replied, "No, you NEED to eat your broccoli!" Then it was, "I NEED Naomi." Again, "No, you NEED to eat your brocolli." I think she plead for every one of her siblings to come rescue her from Mean Mommy! However, this time it only took about 15 minutes for her to eat the tiny portion. Then, to our absolute amazement, she asked for more! And more! And more! And she wasn't even bothering to dip it in the honey dijon dressing. I think she ate about half of a dinner plate of broccoli that night. She wasn't as pleased with cooked broccoli in a casserole the next night, but I don't blame her. She did eat it, though.

Sunday night I hadn't even intended to serve broccoli, but as we sat down for dinner, she cried, "Broccoli! I want broccoli! I NEED broccoli!" Well then, let's have broccoli! She ate a whole dinner plate full!

Go figure! I guess Dad and Mom really do know what's best -- and that kids really do need firm, pro-active training! What took me so long? Who's afraid of the Big Bad Two Year Old?

Next stop, sliced apples! (Never lima beans!)



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  1. Good for her! Andrew's only eaten broccoli one time, and it had to be drenched in catsup!


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