Sunday, February 21, 2010

Melody and Bab

Dear friends,

This morning my little daughter Melody, four years old, was writing in her composition notebook where she likes to practice her letters and the names of everyone in our family. With excitement in her eyes, she turned to me and exclaimed, "Look Mom, I wrote dad"!"

I smiled when I saw the page. "That's great, honey, but you wrote your d's backwards! It says bab, not dad!"

With perfect aplomb, she replied, "That's OK! I'll just call him bab then!"

Now isn't that like human nature to redefine rather than redo?

Here's Melody and her bab. How do you like her sense of style? She dressed herself for church, snowman socks and all. Life will never be dull with Melody around, that's for sure!

With joy,


  1. Love your page!!! And I want to thank you for your email regarding child abuse. We do need to make a stand against anything that belittles or hurts a child. We have a responsibility to show homeschooling is NOT abuse; abuse is abuse. I wish I had this type of support when I first started my married life. It took me awhile to find it in me to stand up for what I felt was the best for our family. I had been going to a church which basically preached if I was just submissive enough, things would work out. So untrue and unfortunately my children suffered for my unassertiveness. Unfortunately, I cannot go back and change the past. The emotional wounds have yet to heal in some of my kids, and unfortunately are affecting the next generation. So for those of you who are in an unhealthy relationship, get the help you need to change the situation. I am still married to the same man. He has grown, but still sometimes falls into that attitude that was from long ago. Fortunately, I now know how to assert myself, discuss,and express what I need and expect. We still sometimes disagree, and it is still hard to fight the negativity, but I am stronger and the relationship is better. But the damage has been done to my children. I wasn't perfect, either, and it is hard trying to forgive myself. I only wish and pray that now God will heal all the wounds and damage that was done emotionally to all of us. It will take a major miracle, so any prayers out there for our family will be eternally appreciated. Family should be a good word, not one that brings up bad memories. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! In case anyone is wondering what she's talking about, you can visit my to see the article on child abuse. I've gotten several hundred hits on it since Wednesday -- and I usually get 1 or 2 a day.

  3. I also found you through the chain of blogs posting about the horrible child abuse story. BUT...what I wanted to tell you here is that this little story of your daughter and her "Bab" made me laugh so hard last night. How precious and how true it is that in our human nature we'd rather adjust then fix the error : )

  4. So cute!!! I have a very fashion forward young one as well! I will be back to read more.



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