Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Podcast, a Party, and a Prayer

Dear friends,

Yesterday was a full day.  Besides the regular housework and checking some of the week's schoolwork, I had two special things going on.

First, in the afternoon, Karen Campbell of interviewed me via the phone for a podcast on the topic of mentoring Christian women in the Titus 2 approach.  We mainly focused on marriage, motherhood, and home schooling.  In the end, we covered so much material that she is going to split it into two segments of 20 minutes each.  Her husband Clay, who was managing the sound equipment for us during the recording, is going to edit the audio.  The first segment will be available on her web site next weekend, and the second segment the following week.  I knew about the interview a few weeks ahead of time, and Karen sent me most of the questions so I could be prepared with answers.  But she did throw in a few extra ones that caught me off guard, so there are a bunch of times I tripped over my words and had to say,  "TAKE 2!"   I also wanted to make sure my kids wouldn't make background noise or interrupt me during the recording, so I drove to a quiet street in our neighborhood and sat there in the back seat of the van with my notes on my lap.  It was a bit chilly out, so I hope no one can hear my teeth chattering on the podcast!  I can't wait to hear how everything came out!  It was fun for me to look back on my life and the women who have mentored me throughoug the years, as well as casting a vision for how I see my own ministry of mentoring others.

After we finished the interview, I went home and made a big pot of chili for the kids' dinner. 

Then Thad and I drove about 40 minutes away to a party for our friends Lee and Jeannette Walti.  They have been in Udine, Italy since September 2008 as missionaries with S.E.E.  Now they are attempting to switch over to work with Pioneers in the Tuscany region, so they are in Orlando interviewing at headquarters today and hopefully starting a week of training tomorrow.  I think that Pioneers' innovative approaches to global outreach will be a great fit for our visionary Waltis. I'm so glad that they are "home" in Orlando at least for a week, even though they are going to be so busy that I won't see them much myself!  

Near the end of the evening, everyone gathered around Lee and Jeannette to pray for their ministry, their health (specifically Lee's asthma) and their family.  If you would like to see more pictures, I have posted them here.

And my prayer?  That whatever we do -- at home or abroad, whether through the Internet or through personal face-to-face friendships -- will be an inspiration to others to look to Jesus as the ultimate source of love, joy, peace, and grace.  How about you?

Virginia Knowles

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