Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Maryland Through My Lens #3: Celebrating Newlyweds Phil and Anny

My father, who is 78, married Anny, who is 79, in November. It was a tiny wedding on short notice, with only the pastor, one grandson, and a church member in attendance. Since they had originally planned their wedding for February, they decided to have a public affirmation of their marriage at church in the Sunday service, and then celebrate with family. I flew up last week to join the festivities.

I was designated as the event photographer, so these are my photos of the day!

My brother John, sister Barb, me, and our dad Phil
(before I changed my clothes)

Barb and her husband David

My daughter Naomi's birthday
was on Sunday!
Anny is of German-Bolivian ancestry (she is a citizen of both countries), and most of her extended family who came on Sunday were born and raised in Bolivia.

Anny's daughter Maike, Anny,
son-in-law Erwin, and
granddaughter Carla

Off to the church!
The pastor, Rev. Ginny Price, incorporated their affirmation of marriage vows into the service and invited other couples to participate as well. I appreciated her candid sermon on love.

The happy newlyweds,
reaffirming their vows

Carla sang "Ave Maria" accompanied
by my brother John

After the service, we had a celebration lunch at Hunan Manor.

My big brother and I

Anny's granddaughters, Carla and Kathi

Maike (Anny's daughter) is on the right,
and her mother-in-law Edith is on the left.
Anny's son Karl Ludwig lives in Germany,
and her daughter Birgit lives in Bolivia.

Maike's husband Erwin and Kathi's husband Evan

My little Melody

After lunch, we had a reception at Dad and Anny's house.

Edith and Anny have been close
friends for 50 years, 
ever since their children 
(who are married to each other)
were elementary students in Bolivia.

Edith is married to Max,
who is from the Netherlands
and has worked all over the world.
(I wish I could have heard his
fascinating stories at lunch.)

Barb bought the flowers for Anny 
and corsage for my dad

Vintage crystal vase
with tiny bubbles in the water

It was a truly lovely day and I enjoyed getting to know Anny's family!

You may also wish to see my last photo post on the Clara Barton house.

Grace and peace,
Virginia Knowles

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