Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Brother's Birthday Brunch

Dear friends,

It's not often that I see my big brother John and his sweet wife Dana, and it's an extra special treat when I get to celebrate his birthday with him! I got lucky this year, though! This week, on their way home to New Jersey from a trip to the Bahamas, they honored us with a very nice visit. They arrived on Tuesday afternoon, bearing cheesecakes from Denny's. We enjoyed just chatting about childhood memories, eating dinner, and looking at Joanna's photos from the Dominican Republic. Later in the evening, they headed for their hotel. The next morning, they came back for a birthday brunch of bacon-and-scallion quiche, homemade turkey scrapple, fruit salad, and french toast sticks. I cooked the bacon and scrapple ahead of time so I wouldn't be so rushed in the morning, which is a good thing since I overslept and didn't even realize what time it was until 8:45!

For John's 51st birthday present, I gave him a framed photo of he and my sister Barb and I when I was about a year old. That's back when they still called me Ginny Lynn!
I admire my brother because he's so friendly, intelligent, hardworking, and capable. I wish I had asked him to play the piano for us before he left, because he's a very talented musician!

(These are a couple of pictures from what I affectionately call our "suburban hippie days" in San Francisco in the 1970's. The picture on the right was taken on a family vacation in Crater Lake, Oregon.)

Thanks for being my big brother, John!

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