Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Real Life Home School Mom: Free in PDF Format!

Dear friends,

Announcing the free PDF version of my book The Real Life Home School Mom!

I have a trial offer of Adobe that ends in a few days, and decided to put this book in PDF format while I have the chance. I posted the link for it in the sidebar of my blog at as well as on the and blogs, and several people have already downloaded it. It may not be as cozy as cuddling up on a couch with a real book (AHH, bliss!), but it's free and searchable, and it doesn't take any room on a bookshelf! Not only that, you can send the link to friends who might need the encouragement, or who are thinking of home schooling but not willing to fork over any money to order a book about it yet.

If you've ever wanted to "pick the brain" of a veteran home school mom who knows she doesn't have it all together, but is willing to put up warning signs over the pot holes and detours along the journey, this is your chance! There are chapters on choosing educational approaches, goal setting, lesson planning, home organization, spiritual life, reaching your children's hearts, keeping your sanity, striking a balance between character and acadmics, cherishing your marriage, home school support groups, how to handle your preschoolers and babies, and more.

I originally published the book way back in 2000, after nearly a decade of home schooling. Then, after raising some teenagers to adulthood and getting another several years of eye-opening "real life" experience in home schooling, I entirely revised it two years ago. I give you the "real skinny" on it, not just the trite platitudes. (Well, there may be a few trite platitudes in there.)

If you're going to read it on-line, I recommend that you choose the full screen option. The search bar is at the bottom of the screen either way. Or you can print it out, though it is 175 pages long. (If you're going to print, you might want to do only do a chapter or two at a time, and use fast draft mode to save ink.)

Please send me a note if you decide to read it on-line or download it! I'd like to keep track of who this is reaching.

Yours for the Grand Adventure,

Virginia Knowles

P.S. If you're looking for a place to upload PDF or PowerPoint or other files for others to access, check out That's where the book is!

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