Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Blast from the Past: Remembering Keith Green and His Music

Dear friends,

Thirty years ago this month, when I was in high school in Fairfax, Virginia, I drove with some friends to Evangel Temple in Washington, D.C. to hear Keith Green in concert.  Keith was a passionate twentysomething Christian singer and songwriter who had such a heart for ministry that he had a policy of giving his records away for whatever you could afford.  I subscribed to his Last Days newsletter (which promoted the pro-life movement and foreign outreach) and bought most of his albums along the way.  I still have them in a box in my closet. And I remember the tragic day in April 1982 when the story hit the national news that Keith and some of his young children had been killed in a small plane crash in Texas.  His body died then, but he lives on in Heaven, and his music and ministry lived on as well through his writings, recordings, and the ministry center he had established with his wife Melody.  I bought a compilation CD a few years ago and loaded it onto my MP3 player, so I'm still listening to him sing! 

I thought you might enjoy this video clip of Keith singing "When I Hear the Praises Start."  It's good for me to listen to it since I'm home sick this morning.

You will need to turn off the Playlist at the bottom of the page.

After you listen to it, you can go back down to the Playlist at the bottom of this page and look for a few more of his songs there.

Virginia Knowles

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  1. What a blast from the past. I few years ago I was speaking and I had my brother make me a video to go along with my talk~ We used the song Alone in the Light. He did a wonderful job. If you would ever like to see it let me know.


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