Friday, November 20, 2009


Dear friends,

Back a couple of weeks ago, Thad and I joined our friends Tim and Sue Schutz along with some of their other friends to celebrate Tim's birthday. We have known Tim for 25 years, and Thad was a groomsman in their wedding seven years ago.  They have three incredibly cute little boys! 

First we ate out at Brick Oven. Then, as a special surprise for Tim, Sue arranged for us to play wallyball, which Tim loves but doesn't get to do very often.  I sat out for most of the time because of a knee injury, but I did fill in for about 15 minutes when one of the other players left. (I did NOT lunge for the ball!) We had only enough people for 3 players on each team, but it would probably be better with more.  (In this video, my husband Thad is in the tan T-shirt, Tim is in the white shirt, the two Daves are wearing blue, Sue is in pink, and Dawn is in blue, too.)

Wallyball is basically volleyball played in a racquetball court.  That means you can bounce the ball off the the sidewalls, which adds a new element to the game.  The ball is also softer than a regular volleyball so it can bounce better.  Here's a video so you can see how it's played. 

Go have a little fun!


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