Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Flowers in Florida (A Bit of Spring)

Dear friends,

While much of the rest of the country is snowed in, we've got flowers blooming in Florida. If you live in the north, you can enjoy this bit of springtime color vicariously!

These photos are from Leu Gardens in Orlando. I think they are all in the butterfly area. I didn't take a lot of pictures when we went this time since we were wandering aimlessly with friends and I was having trouble getting into my camera settings. However, I have a few other Leu Gardens posts linked at the bottom, and those have a bazillion photos!


The pictures in this post were shot with a 
Canon Powershot ELPH 135
and edited with Picasa -
not fancy, but they do the job!


  1. Thank you for the pictures of the beautiful flowers... we are certainly ready for spring... and I now have many purple crocus flowers blooming... just the last 3 days... I love spring! :)

  2. So pretty! I can hardly wait for spring here!

  3. Beautiful flowers. I am looking forward to spring in Illinois ( we still have snow on the ground). Thank-you for sharing. I'm your neighbor at Coffee & conversation.

  4. That pink striped flower is stunning! I'm in the part of the country that has snow. Bleh. Thanks for bringing some beauty into my home with your gorgeous picture!


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