Saturday, April 12, 2008

And you wonder what I do all day...

OK, I know it looks like I'm snoozing my day away. Actually, though, I was just taking a wee little break from sorting about six loads of clean laundry. Rachel and Joanna wanted to take a few pictures of me sitting on the couch amidst a huge pile, and it was all I could do to keep from laughing.

This next shot actually gives a little more perspective, though it still only shows the remnants of the laundry I had already been sorting into about five different baskets for different kids. And it doesn't show the linen load in the dining room, nor the boys' load in the dryer, nor the load behind it in the washer, nor the loads waiting to go into the washer. We do about five loads a day... In case you are wondering, Rachel was standing on a rocking chair to get this picture. It's nice to provide such cheap amusement for teenagers!

P.S. I wrote just a little about laundry woes in an essay called My Glorious Dishtowel last year. For some reasons, it seems to be one of the most popular things I've ever written!

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  1. that is one of my greatest challenges- sorting out loundry and putting it all away. I have to ask the Lord for help to get me through just that! And I only have two toddlers for now!


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