Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Melody's prayer

Our little Melody (age 2 1/2) is still learning how to talk intelligibly. She has recently started using sentences regularly, which is so encouraging! Rachel has been trying to teach her to sing "Let It Be," which comes out "Etta Bee, etta bee, etta bee, etta bee..." So cute.

The other night I was trying to relax on the couch in blissful solitude when she announced that it was "Bible time! Bible time! BIBLE TIME!" She just wouldn't let up, so I told her to go call the other kids and we got down our little basket of New Testaments to read. She gets so excited because when she was dedicated at church as a baby, she received a little pink New Testament with her name embossed on the cover. She is so proud of it!

When I put her to bed a little later she said, "PRAY!" I thought she wanted me to say a bedtime prayer for her, as I often do, but she had other ideas. She grasped my face in her soft little hands and started: "Dear God, (babble babble) Mom (babble babble) share (babble babble, more babble) MERCY ON MOM! Amen!" Well, she may not be able to talk very well, but at least she got the key -- mercy on mom! That is sure what I need in this home full of noise and general chaos!

Now I hear her yelling for "AAAA juice!" (That means apple juice.)

Mercy on you!

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