Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out of Africa (A Letter from Headson Makazinga)

Several days ago, an airmail letter arrived from my friend Headson Makazinga, a church planting pastor and evangelist in Nsanje, Malawi. We have been corresponding with him for several years since he read an article I wrote in Above Rubies magazine. The profits from my Learner's Journals lesson planners go to meet some of the needs there, most especially Chichewa language Bibles and tracts.

Here are two pictures that Pastor Makazinga sent a few years ago. The first is of the Makazinga family (from left to right): Headson holding Faye, his wife Regina holding Connie, Gloria, Misheck, George, Steph, Ida, Emmanuel and Carlos. The second picture is of revival meetings under a tree at Mtasa village.

I tore the letter open and was so relieved to find that he had gotten the care package I had sent him in time for the big Easter conference that they host for the folks in all the churches he oversees. Our own church here in Florida had kindly agreed to print up 160 minister's certificates and 100 Chichewa tracts for him, and since I was shipping it in a flat rate priority mail box, I was able to tuck in some little extras, like pens, books, candy, a well-wrapped jar of honey, and a pair of eyeglasses for no extra charge.

(You can click on the letter to enlarge it.)

Why am I writing about this to you all? Because he needs much more help than I alone can give him! I am just one person, but I serve a God who miraculously multiplies the loaves and fish to turn even little offerings into big blessings. It is a small thing for me or you to send money or a box of stuff, but it is a huge boost to Pastor Makazinga. Not a young man at all, he works so hard pastoring and planting churches while also trying to meet the needs of widows and orphans in a country that is alternately plagued by devastating floods and droughts (most recently deadly floods). He has repeatedly asked me to come and visit, but I don't think that is likely to happen any time very soon.

Here are a few excerpts (pardon the grammar) from the end of his letter: “My sister don’t be tired with us, I always ask you many things but take me as your brother… In the way you are doing it means you are assisting the ministry of God richly and bountifully… Go ahead hunting friends those can allow to help the orphans and the ministry. Pray for us in your daily prayers... This year we are going to build up the orphanage for the orphans. We ask the good wishers to help with this project.”

If you would like to send financial donations, care packages, or letters of encouragement to the Makazingas, their address is: Headson Makazinga, P.O. Box 187, Nsanje, Malawi, Africa. Please let me know if you plan to do this or if you have any questions. (FYI: I usually send a certified check, which costs a few extra dollars at the bank, but is safer and easier for him to cash. And no, you can't get a tax deductible receipt. Sorry!)

God bless you as you consider this vital opportunity to go global and do good to others!


Virginia Knowles

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