Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Twenty years ago today...

It dawned on me as I wrote today's date in my journal this morning that something significant happened in my life twenty years ago today. (Maybe you are not one who remembers dates like this, but I do.) Anyway, what happened is that we miscarried our second baby when Mary was 10 months old. Julia was born the following year. I don't think about it very often, but when I do (such as whenever a friend miscarries or when I hear of a small child who is suffering), there is always a tender spot in my heart. I wrote some about it last April in a longer article for my Hope Chest newsletter. Here is the link: Truth and Grace in the Stories of Our Lives. If you are wondering "why" about something in your life, maybe that will help in some small way.

I know that suffering is a part of every life, to some degree or another. There is a little two year old girl in our church, Sarah, who was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer after a tumor appeared on her cheek. I don't know what the latest prognosis is, but we are certainly praying for her family. We have also heard that my friend Leah and Thad's Aunt Janet are being treated for breast cancer, and our heart goes out to all of them.


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