Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Me too!

Melody is a little mimic! As I am typing this blog entry, Andrew is sitting on my bed reading aloud his history text book to me (it helps him focus better) and Melody is right next to him looking at her own book and babbling along. She wants to do whatever big brother is doing, even if it drives him nuts.

Yesterday, I took the three youngest kids to Sam's Club to shop. Five year old Ben was grumbling about not getting a whole cookie at the bakery, and I said, "It sounds like someone is having a BAD attitude!" Melody gleefully raised her hand and chirped, "ME TOO!" Then seven year old Naomi decided she was going to cheer Ben up by singing to him, and Melody joined in on that as well. Ben was not to be humored though, and jammed his fingers in his ears in protest. So the next thing I knew, Melody was singing heartily with Naomi -- with her fingers in her ears just like Ben!

We're trying to use the "power of imitation" in potty training, but so far no good...

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