Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In the Garden on Blossom Lane

This morning, one of the girls went out to look at something in the garden in front of our house. Several of us followed her out and ended up tending our flower patches for a while since the weather was so nice. I cleared away some of the mulch from around our strawberry plants to give them room to send out their runners. That's how they spread and become more fruitful. Realizing that we had such a large variety of gorgeous flowers, I decided to give Joanna an assignment for her Photography credit -- to take pictures all of the different kinds of flowers in our yard. She does such a good job with choosing the angle and all, as well as editing the photos on our computer with lighting and cropping and special effects. Here are just some of the beautiful pictures that she produced today. Does it surprise you at all that her career goal is to become a photographer?

The magnolia tree in our backyard is pretty tall, so Joanna had to use a zoom lens to get these pictures.

African Iris





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