Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bridal Shower #2

My daughter Mary's future mother-in-law, Donna Tindall, threw another bridal shower for her at the home of Ryan's second cousin, Teresa. What a lovely time we had!

Can you believe this awesome edible bouquet made out of fruit? Those yellow "flowers" are made from pineapple and melon balls! The rest of it is melon spears, huge strawberries, and skewers of grapes. It is a creation of Edible Arrangements at

The funniest give of the shower... a "Ryavac"! Yep, it's Mary's very own butler (with Ryan's face) made from a vacuum cleaner as the base, a broom for the back of the head, rubber gloves, a dustpan, and plenty of cleaning supplies tucked into the apron pockets. Clever!

Also in the amusing category (but this time only mildly) is a Big Bird notepad, from Dear Old Me. Why? Because I fondly remember watching Sesame Street with Mary when she was a mop-headed toddler with astonishingly big brown eyes. "Sunny days, chasing the clouds away!"

In the very cute category, an adorable picture of Ryan when he was a toddler! If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can actually see his ruffled shirt!

A lovely bridal shower tradition is to take all of the package bows and ribbons and make a hat or a bouquet for the bride to wear to the rehearsal.

And here she is with her very sweet mom-in-law-to-be and me!

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