Wednesday, November 23, 2016

O Little Town of Lauterbrunnen (Europe #9)

Welcome back to my Europe photo series

Lauterbrunnen is an Alpine village in the German speaking area of Switzerland. It's not too far from Interlaken.

Our hotel, Hotel Horner Pub, is the tall brown building on the right. True to its name, there is a pub downstairs.

Behind the hotel, cliffs!

Next to the hotel, goats!

The dining room...

Our guest room...

The shared bathroom is across the hall, but we were the only guests on the third floor so we had it to ourselves. The drawback of being on the third floor is that there is no elevator. And we had a lot of luggage. Fortunately, Joanna's Australian friend Murray, who was spending several months traveling around Europe, had come to Lauterbrunnen to meet us, and he carried the heavy stuff up for us.

The sweet little church I could see from our window...

Joanna and I wanted to go up the mountains in a cable car on that afternoon since we knew the weather was supposed to be bad the next two days we'd be there. Someone told us it was just down the road, so we started walking...

Staubbachfall, right near our hotel, is the second tallest waterfall in Switzerland, and is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe that is formed of a single unbroken fall. 


Grass growing on roof!

Well, as we walked and walked and walked, we realized it wasn't "just down the road" but nearly an hour's walk. We could have taken a bus and gotten there much faster.

But it was so gorgeous!

We finally reached the cable car place in late afternoon, but I'll save those stunning pictures for the next post!

Looking at these photos again makes me want to go back! I wish I could have stayed so much longer in this beautiful region of Switzerland!


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