Sunday, November 6, 2016

Our First Afternoon in Geneve (Europe #2)

Welcome back to my Europe photo series!

My 23 year old daughter Joanna invited me to go to Geneve, Switzerland where she was presenting at a mental health conference. She had only part of one day to sight see in Geneve, so we mainly wandered around in the old sections of Plainpalais and Vieille Ville enjoying the medieval architecture and the autumn trees, which we don't see much in Florida.

The Reformation Wall honors notable men of the Protestant Reformation. This is just the middle part with Beza, Calvin, Farel, and Knox. You can read more here.

The wall is in the right in this picture below. It's actually quite long, overlooking Le Parc des Bastions.

Sainte-Pierre Cathedral was on my must-see list for Geneve. We only walked around it on Friday afternoon. I saved most of my pictures - including the ones I took inside Sunday afternoon - for another post. Sainte-Pierre became Protestant during John Calvin's era.

This terrace honors a Huguenot (French protestant) poet and soldier, Theodore Agrippa-Aubigné. Some of my ancestors were Huguenots who fled from France to Great Britain and then the American colonies following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in the late 1600's.

Joanna loved the perfume shop!

Chez Ma Cousine is a small chain of affordable, attractive chicken restaurants in Geneve. We were very pleased with our meal. A half roasted chicken with salad, potatoes, and bread was 15.40 Swiss francs, which is roughly equivalent to $15.

Since Joanna's business clothes were in her missing luggage, we stopped at an H & M store for her to buy a dress. Meanwhile, I browsed through this book fair in the square outside.

We're not done for the day! Just so many photos! The next post is our evening walk near Lake Geneva.

Thanks for joining us!

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