Sunday, November 13, 2016

Saint-Pierre Cathedral in Geneve, Switzerland (Europe #6)

Saint-Pierre Cathedral in Geneve, Switzerland is gorgeous!

It grew from a tiny monastery to a huge Catholic cathedral, and then turned into a Protestant church building during Reformation. This was John Calvin's home church.

I loved the outside the first two days I saw it! So I took lots of pictures! But on Friday we didn't have time to go in, and on Saturday it closed early for a wedding. I'd have to wait.

Finally on the third day, Sunday, I got to go inside! Glorious!

~~ detail of choir loft ~~

~~ detail of altar cloth ~~

~~ pulpit ~~

~~ Calvin's Chair ~~

A tour up into the tower...

Steep stairs!

Must wait your turn, since there isn't room for someone going up to pass someone coming down!

Through a separate entrance, the archaeology museum explores the site's architectural history from a tiny monastery up through a grand cathedral.

And back outside again...

 Goodbye! Au revoir, Saint-Pierre!

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