Friday, November 25, 2016

Staubbachfall in Lauterbrunnen (Europe #11)

Welcome back to my Europe photo series.

In this post, Joanna and I are still in Lauterbrunnen, in the Swiss Alps.

Staubbachfall is the second highest waterfall in Switzerland, and one of the tallest single unbroken falls in Europe. It was within sight of our hotel, too!

Joanna's Aussie friend Murray had told us about Lauterbrunnen after staying there before, and offered to meet up with us there and show us around. He told us we could follow a path up to a little cave in the cliff alongside the falls.

I was so grateful for the container of walking sticks at the bottom of the path.

There is a tunnel for part of the path to protect hikers from falling rocks.

It was a steep climb but we made it! There's Murray!

That misty white area on the right of the photo is the waterfall.

After our hike up along Staubbachfall, we decided to brunch at the campground where Murray was staying.


We had hoped to take the cable car all the way to Schilthorn, but Murray had checked the web cam and said it was way too foggy to see anything.

So we decided to go to Trummelbachfalle where 10 waterfalls cascade down within caves!

The next two posts will be photos of fog in Lauterbrunnen, and our trip to Trummelbachfalle.

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