Sunday, November 6, 2016

On the Shores of Lake Geneva (Europe #3)

Lake Geneva is also known in French as Lac Léman. The most prominent feature, at least from downtown Geneve, is Jet d'Eau, a beautiful fountain that shoots up out of the lake. You will note in this series that I have a penchant for photos with landmarks sticking out of my head.

Lake Geneva, the largest freshwater lake in Europe, is in Switzerland. However, at the bottom end, the city of Geneve is surrounded on three sides by the country of France. Geneve is therefore in the French speaking region of Switzerland. I don't speak much French at all. I did well enough with bonjour (good day), merci (thank you), oui (yes), parlais vous englais (do you speak English), and several other words and phrases. I learned more as we went along.

At the lower end of the lake is the Rhone River, and this is the bridge across it from the Rive Droit (right) area on the southeast side to Rive Gauche (left) area on the northwest of the river. Rive Droit is where the older city is, whereas Rive Gauche is much more modern.

This is looking from Rive Gauche across the lake to Mont Blanc and Rive Droit.

I was enchanted by the Brunswick Monument, a mausoleum, across from the lake on the Rive Gauche side.

I think this statue is of the Duke of Brunswick. You can read more about him here.

An interesting sphere sculpture is in a park by the lake's edge, but I don't know the names!

My reflection in the sphere.

No, she's not wearing a hat. That's the globe from the previous pictures.

On our way back to the train, we passed by the Brunswick monument again, and spotted the Cottage Cafe behind it. I love cottages, and this one was so quaint with its twinkling little lights. We decided to stop for cappuccino and hot chocolate. 


That's it for our first day in Geneva!

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