Friday, November 25, 2016

Trümmelbachfalle, Ten Waterfalls in a Big Swiss Cave (Europe #13)

Welcome back to my Europe photo series!

A rainy, foggy day in Lauterbrunnen, so we couldn't go up the cable car to Schilthorn.

Instead, we decided to tour Trümmelbachefalle, a series of ten waterfalls in a huge cave.

They only took cash, so we had to go back to town to find an ATM. Pretty money!

They take you in a kind of cable car called a tunnel-lift part of the way up inside the cave.

See Joanna down there on the bottom right of this photo? I told you this is a huge cave! This is just a little part of it!

These photos seriously just don't do it justice!  Such beauty and grace here!

Here is Joanna's Australian friend Murray, who is kindly showing us around Lauterbrunnen.

Murray and his umbrella, an iconic photo I think.

It was pretty steep climbing inside and outside the cave. I was glad to get back to level ground again!

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